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About the Online Course

If you are coming to Romania on tourism or business feeling it’s important to learn enough Romanian so that you feel comfortable in your everyday communication with Romanians, and you are looking for a course to learn Romanian that gets you from zero level, then this is the course for you.

The Easy Romanian Online Course consists of 9 units. First of all, you will learn the alphabet and the correct pronunciation. Throughout the course you will be listening to a variety of dialogs, recorded by native Romanian speakers, and learning key phrases and grammatical concepts.

This course has been especially designed for everybody, as well as those of you who have a Romanian girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband and would like to surprise them with some Romanian romantic phrases and some other more words in their own language.

We have collected some of the most used sweet words exchanged by couples and put them in a special lesson on Romanian romantic phrases. All the phrases are accompanied by audio. All you have to do is listen to a the romantic phrases many times over and then go ahead and make your loved one’s day.

Be sure to REGISTER FOR FREE we have prepared for you (turn up the volume of your speakers).

We are sure that after the success you’ll have with the romantic phrases you’ll want to learn how to speak Romanian. We have also uploaded some free useful phrases for everyday use. 

Good luck!

The EasyRomanian Team

Tips on how to learn the Romanian language

If you are coming to Romania on tourism or business feeling it’s important to learn enough Romanian so that you feel comfortable in your everyday communication with Romanians, and you are looking for a course to learn Romanian that gets you from zero level, then this is the course for you.

Setting out to study Romanian may evoke memories of past attempts at learning a foreign language, be it in high school or college, with all the ensuing tedious memorization of words, and phrases, and grammar rules. For many, it appears that the results are not worth all the effort, and they soon abandon their dream of becoming more proficient in the language of their choice.

It is very important to know how to go about learn ing a foreign language, especially one that is quite different form English, such as Romanian language. Every student has a different way of learn ing just as different proffesors have different ways of teaching. Nevertheless, no matter what your reason to learn Romanian is, there are a few rules of thumb one has to bear in mind:

* Create a routine. Spend some time on the web at a set hour of the day (lunchtime, for instance), and try to do one of the language activities at Easy Romanian.

* Set yourself a long-term goal, and also a short-term goal. If you have Romanian friends, then a short-term goal would be to think of visiting them this week and exchange a few phrases in Romanian language. The long-term goal might be to learn the whole study material included in the Easy Romanian course and visit our country – there’s so much to be explored here. Without strong, well-defined goal, you will hardly have much motivation to study day in, day out.

* You shouldn’t worry too much about making mistakes. The ones who never make mistakes, never try to do anything, and that in itself is quite a mistake. It’s normal to make mistakes while you are practising your growing knowledge of the language. Always have in mind that Romanian s will be very pleased with your attempts to speak their language, and you will get closer to them, more so than other foreigners who do not try to learn at least a few phrases.

* It is of utmost importance to read about the Romanian people, culture and history. The more you get to know the culture, the more your interest will be aroused, and the more motivation you will have to proceed with the Easy Romanian course in order to learn Romanian.

* It is better to study for brief periods of time and more frequently than long and not so often. Persistence pays off.

* Studying lists of words and phrases is usually not the most favourite language activity. However, there is no learn ing without memorization. You have to learn those phrases by heart. There is a wonderful method you can employ in order to facilitate the memorization process. For every new Romanian phrase that you want to learn think of a ridiculous image that would make you recall the phrases. The trick is to always think of funny images to aid you in your studies of Romanian. Emotions will help you more than pure logic when it comes to learning words and phrases.

* Practice mentally. Think of the Romanian words for naming common objects you encounter in your daily life. When you’re walking on the street, for instance, think “femeie” when you see a woman, “copii” when you see children, “oameni” for people, etc. etc. Just put the words and phrases you’re studying to mental practice, even if you are not in a Romanian-speaking environment; this will enormously help you to learn faster.

* Listen to the dialogs of the Easy Romanian course looking at their English translations, then without looking at the written words at all. Do this several times until you fully understand the dialog in Romanian language without looking at the text. You might find it hard at first but it pays off when you come to speak it. Everybody is a child in the beginning. Little by little you will make good progress if you just keep at it.

We help you learn Romanian language online. EasyRomanian is a work of love. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions on how we can do that even better.